Geda Peleda chooses only most experienced and qualified craftsmen and women with decades of experience. Natural leather humbly obeys their handwork because quality and thoroughness goes hand in hand.

Your handbag is made from A to Z by the hands of only one craftsmen at our workshop in Kaunas old town.


To create our handbags we use materials that have been selected and tested over a long period of time. The metal details that we use are manufactured by well-known and trusted Italian company, we choose only YKK zippers. Some leather is custom made for Geda Peleda to match our requirements and models. Main goal for us is to create best quality handbag models which reflect the character of our brand.


We create bags that serve you long and faithfully. Therefore every bag leaves our workshop with unique number which tells the whole story of your handbag. We are there for you – if after years of daily wear your bag will lose a rivet, magnet or something would happen to the zipper – we will always wait for your bag in our workshop.

I am Geda Peleda

Hi, I am Kristina, the designer and owner of Geda Peleda. This bird of creativity came into my life unexpectedly, unannounced and with such force that it became my destiny. Destiny that dates back to the magical spring of 2013, when I created my first ever handbag. I live for what I create. Every handbag is a big part of me. I can carry the idea of design in my mind for a long period of time. Ideas mature like wine and when they are ready – they fly out to my beloved customers. I consider myself as an observer. I like to watch my handbags accompany your daily lives in the streets of my beloved city. My goal is not only create emotion and philosophy, but also to give you an experience of pure quality and practicality. A handbag is a powerful weapon in women’s hands. It can help her achieve her goals, give her confidence, change her outlook to everyday style. I am happiest designer because I can share my work with you.


Geda Peleda – Kristina

Bags for her

A handbag is a powerful weapon that can help a woman achieve her goals, give her confidence and strengthen the image that she chooses for herself.

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Bags for him

Uncompromising to minimalism, aesthetics and functionality, disobedient to time.

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