Your bag is made from genuine leather, which was treated to preserve the qualities of natural leather – its softness and uniqueness.  Genuine leather is often full of time-left marks, which make each bag unique and emphasizes the rawness of material. We create long lasting fashion and we celebrate ageing natural leather. Over time your bag will be exposed to direct sunlight, contact with your skin and other surfaces it will slightly change the condition of leather. It may become darker, softer and even more charming and unique. Love and properly care for your bag and it will follow you for a long time. 


Our bags do not like direct sunlight and long stay in intense heat. Keep it away form direct heat sources and moisture. Water, oils, perfume, make-up or disinfectant fluids can leave stains in genuine leather.


If your bag got smeared, clean it with dry and clean cloth. You can use a specialised cream or foam (depending from type of leather). If your handbag got wet – do not dry it in direct heat or sunlight as it may deform. Wipe your bag with dry, clean cloth and leave it in a dry place. Natural leather is sensitive to scratches which are difficult to remove. You can try to smooth out scratches by using a special leather care products. Use only specialised products for natural leather which have matching colour.


If you want to have a long lasting relationship with your bag, don’t forget to pamper it at the beginning and the end of the season with special creams/lubricants. Use them according to leather type and colour. On rainy days – impregnate your bag with special products for natural leather to protect it from moisture. We recommend that you try all new products in low visibility places and only after making sure that they are suitable for your bag – use them all over the bag.


Sometimes brand new handbag can smear its colour on other surfaces. This is a natural feature of coloured leather. Impregnate your bag to avoid temporary smearing. Apply special cream and clean it with dry cloth.

And you are ready to go!

Have a good flight!

Geda Peleda – Kristina